Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Legacy of Tra’Han (part 3)

The sea… so empty, so vast. I am alone, save for my thoughts, which are finally mine again. This is a sinister world, so appealing, so captivating, yet so deadly. I am still not entirely sure how I was able to wrench myself away from my… that… place. But wrench I did. I am Tra’Han. I see essence, I see truth.

I see that I am alone.


I have little doubt that it was the moon, ever my only ally, which jolted me out of my stupor. I came to the realization that I was out collecting black powder from some of the native creatures of the nearby woods – but to what purpose, I can not say.


Instantly I uttered the Words of Protection, a basic incantation, learned since infancy, which hardens the mind and strengthens the body. I hurried back to the prison – for indeed, that it was it is – for though I knew it would try to ensnare me once more, if I was to escape, I would need survival supplies.


Finally ready, I headed back out into the wild. As I left, I could feel the mysterious power of this place wearing at the shields of the spell around my being. I was feeling slight urges to repair, to build, to improve – yet I resisted.















Once outside, whatever force inhabits the complex took control of the local creatures, sending them at me in waves. But they are no match for Tra’Han. I have many tools at my disposal. I control the elements of the world. I see everything.


I headed for this distant peak. It would be the first stop in my escape. I hoped that atop this platform – the function of which I could not yet see – I would be able to tune myself with the universe, and leave this place forever.


Sadly, my efforts proved fruitless. I was no more able to feel the ambivalent currents present in every medium atop this cliff than I was inside that… that… inside.


I found more evidence of religion. Perhaps it has more of a hold on this world than I anticipated.


Strange markings cover the visible landscape. Perhaps this is the source of the world’s intoxicating power. I considered destroying them, but I abstained. Who knows what protective enchantments they possess? I pushed on.



After crossing what seemed like an endless desert, I came to a pine forest which contained this small village. At first I was overjoyed to finally meet some of the higher beings of this world. At first.















Clearly, I was not welcome by these silent priests, who I now mark as the creators of the religious artifacts strewn throughout. Perhaps they built those to ward off the constant attempts of this world to build itself a fortress out of the souls of the innocents. Or perhaps not. I am Tra’Han. My vision is clouded of late.















I crossed more terrain, ever-moving, driving on. I saw endless beauty…








Amongst other things.

And then…




I came to the sea.


And here I rest. But in the morning, I must continue. I have not yet fulfilled my quest. I am running... Searching. I must find… I am escaping. I am Tra’Han. I am scouring the land. Escaping! Searching. Searching for something I need.

I need to complete my mission. I need to save this world. I need to enchant…2011-12-14_22.49.53

I am Tra’Han. I must move on.


(Continued in PART IV)

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