Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tra’Han’s Folly: I’m Sorry.

She wasn’t in hell.




And I barely got away. This place has sapped my powers. I need to think…


Of course. The stronghold. The ender dragon. HIM.



I must face him. I must get Christmas back. I must…

Empty caverns. No! It was here!




She’s not here.


But she was.


I can… feel… his presence. The Ender Dragon. He was here. I see it now.



But she is gone. The stronghold is gone. I sent her into peril…

For what? To save myself. To rid myself of this curse. She tried to help, and I…

I took advantage.

I run through the empty caverns, shouting her name – screaming with every fiber of my being…

But there is nothing. Nothing here, where there was something. The road through hell was traveled for no reason. Everything is lost. And Grahm? The idiot. He came here looking for her. He came…

I have brought about terrible things. Why? Why was I dragged to this place? Why am I here?

I give up. I give in. I will stop fighting.

Just after I…


There. Just in case. Just in case I am wrong. In case she comes back. In case…

I am Tra’Han. I see the truth in everything. I see…

I see nothing.


Nothing but the wind in the grass. Calling my name. So soft. So soft.

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