Saturday, November 19, 2011

Player 6: Minecraft Hierarchy of Needs

Before I started playing Minecraft I think I had the same reaction many people did. "What's the point?" Well, of course, the point is you can do whatever you want.

Above is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs but it could just as easily be the Minecraft Hierarchy of Needs. If you want to do the fun stuff, you've got to take care of the basics first.

So my time on Woot was spent taking care of the physiological and safety needs so that people after me can do the fun stuff.

The most basic Minecraft need: food.
There were a handful of mushrooms of each kind so I used the huge mushroom technique to make a 64 of each and a dozen stews. Got the wheat farm back up to full speed. Left three 64s of wheat, a couple dozen bread, and a 64 of seeds. I left the wheat field freshly harvested and planted so it's not incumbent on the next person to harvest right away. And, of course, I used the campsite rule on the rest of the supplies too gathering more wood, iron, and stone etc than I consumed.

The next most basic Minecraft need: shelter.
This is what I spawned into:

The inner most house in the onion was nothing but a few bits of glass and wood. The next layer is some birch and fence but no doors. And even the cobblestone layer has it's doors wide open and doesn't completely encircle the area. But hey! Torches!

So I went through and closed all the doors and built out the cobblestone wall a bit over the swamp to make it harder for mobs to get around. They still can but not as easily. There were some gaps in the cactus line which I also filled in, but preserved along with the reeds. The fence line had a whole wall missing which I rebuilt as well as adding doors in gaps, and cleaning up some intersections where mobs might have been able to jump over. The inner house area I completely rebuilt in stone brick to avoid any, ahem, lightning mishaps in the future.

It's not perfect. Some sections of the outer cobblestone wall are still jumpable for spiders. And walkers can make it into the swamp past the cobblestone wall. But it'd take a very determined creeper and pals to make it through the stone brick house. But. Just to be safe. I thought it'd make it unlikely that mobs would even spawn near the fort.
Let there be light!

I placed torches throughout the fort as well as in a healthy permitter around the fort. Once that was done I didn't encounter and mobs in or even near the fort. Not saying it's perfect but it certainly takes care of the safety part of the hierarchy of needs such that the next few people shouldn't be overly concerned. Though I tried not to go too torch crazy since we need mobs for drops, so it's only about a 30 second walk to get out of the torch perimeter.

But, hey. Maybe the next person will destroy all my efforts. That is their prerogative. Though if they do then they won't get any of the three cakes I made for them. They're great. So delicious and moist...

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