Friday, November 11, 2011

Player 6: Fort Onion

Wanting a fresh take on the world, I've been abstaining from reading the blog till I had a few hours with the world. This is my first post without having read up on everyone else's posts.

"Sarah, I am sorry. I am sorry for what I have done to the world you are inheriting."

When I saw this email I expected the worst. Spawning on a precipice over a lava pit, some sort of piston filled torture chamber, or stranded at the top of a spire.

But nope. I spawned into a weird little fort.

I call it Fort Onion. I suppose it's exactly what I should have expected. This is, after all, a single player world file that's been passed from person to person, with each making their own alterations and improvements. Each person outgrowing the last person's area. Except they're all... sort of terrible. I feel bad for whoever made the innermost home. Lots of glass and bookshelves but no walls left whatsoever. I'd like to hope lightning got it but probably not. And the outter two layers of the onion aren't much better. I just took that screenshot now, but when I spawned that nearest wall of spruce and fencing wasn't there, it was just 3 sides. And the cobblestone doesn't completely encircle the area either. The left hand side has some reeds and cactus instead and the whole right side is open to the swamp. Creepers, spiders, and skeletons regularly make their way inside. Plus, when I spawned, all the doors in the cobblestone were wide open! Everything is a a total sty. What a bachelor pad.

So my first few hours in world were spent tidying up. Closing doors, patching creeper holes in the walls, moving around torches to help stop monsters spawning inside. But I don't see any chests. There have to be chests somewhere. My friends may be lazy and sadistic but they are OCD about chests.

I peek down a dark staircase in the middle of Fort Onion. A zombie groans up at me as the sunlight fries him. What, are we suffering from a dearth of torches? I grab some from the oddly concentrated clustering near spawn and head down.

A dozen chests all neatly labeled greet me. Whew. I dart around and slap up torches in the oddly unlit storage basement. I peek my head in the wheat farm to find it fallow and the food chest empty. Bachelor pad indeed. I plant what few seeds are left.

There's only a handful of each type of mushroom and it seems like someone's earlier mushroom famring efforts are a bust.

Looks like no one knew about or bothered with the huge mushroom farming trick. I get some stews whipped up and head out for some exploring. The giant arrow in the middle of Fort Onion beacons me to head west so I load up on stew and head off.

A few minutes trek takes me to this vista. Is someone from Montana?

A bit underwhelmed with my immediate surroundings I head back to Fort Onion. I set myself to wheat harvesting wondering what the hell my friends have been doing the past few weeks when I hear it. A terrible wailing coming from underneath the wheat farm.

Oh. Oh, okay. That's more like it.

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