Monday, October 24, 2011

Woot: The First Days

Well. This generated nicely. Lots of vines! Initial inspection of the area seems promising – a very nice setting, at least, to build a shelter.

The next day...

Which I did, post-haste. I built a small wood house, chopped down about ten of the nicely vined trees, which I did feel pretty bad about. It started to get dark, so grabbed some sand and went inside. With terrifying sounds going all around me, dug around, made a furnace, and fired some glass.

While that was cooking, I began to dig down – started a nice mineshaft. Which turned into three nice mineshafts.

3. Always better than 1.

After the sun came up (and I watched the nasties burn through my new glass panes), I chopped some more wood for fuel, tools, and chests.

Exploring a little (and getting lost for a few panicky minutes), I found some potentially fruitful natural caves scattered about. I left some small towers of sand/dirt/whatever I had with me near the entrances so I could find them when I felt better equipped to handle whatever horrors lie within.

Pillar o sand!

Speaking of underground horrors, the left-hand mine shaft broke into a large underground cave, where I found iron… among other things.


Found a skeleton and two zombies down there – tricked them into a bottleneck, where they were easily dispatched from around a corner. Took my spoils of rotten meat. O boy.

Zombie? Zombie!

I ran outside too early in the morning – didn’t see the two spiders on top of the house. I saw the burning zombies and thought yeah! Guess I should build a skylight. I killed them, but in the process I was hurt pretty badly – and apparently starving, I wandered around until I found a cow. Sorry, cow, I need your sweet, sweet, sweetmeats. Hamburger for dinner. Full up!

Ran away from some creepers. There are now several creeper craters scattered around. Irritating.

Creeper crater. Another one.

Took some time to dig out a store room and build some chests. They are empty – for now. All planned out though. Time to gather resources!

Empty. All empty.

As I was digging out the storeroom, I guess the ceiling was too close to the waterline. Some sand caved in, and I had to quickly block it up. Going back outside, I had made a mess of a local beach. Fixed the dirt & sand, and took some time to plant some saplings around. Got to keep this place nice if I plan to stay.


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